San Diego Couple Photos | S + G

January 1, 2023

San Diego Couple Photos | S + G

As a San Diego couples photographer, I love when pets get involved! Pets are such an integral part of your lives, they definitely deserve to be in your couples session! Of course it’s totally understandable that for certain locations you may want to leave them behind or they might not be allowed. Or if they are a bit rambunctious, you may want to avoid the stress. If the pets are up for the job, I am down for their close up! In these San Diego Couple Photos | S + G brought their three adorable dogs! One is a little older so they wanted to make sure they captures these special moments with her.

You can certainly still coordinate your outfits a little with your pets! If you want to of course. If your dog likes to wear sweaters or bandanas, then they can use the same color as your outfit. As always, I like to suggest you stick to three colors. You can use different shades of those three colors. You can always feel free to share your outfit ideas with your photographer for feedback. Since they are familiar with the location, they can give you great notes on your looks.

Should you be shooting in a location where it can get muddy and you are with your pets, I would highly suggest you bring a back up outfit. You don’t want to risk having your pet jump up on you and get you dirty. The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction or stain! A back up outfit is key to a stress free session. Also, if your dog is a hair shedder, then for sure have a lint roller with you. Your photographer will probably have one too! These help get the dog or cat hairs off!


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