San Diego Balboa Park Family Photos | Rosa + Mark

September 27, 2022

San Diego Balboa Park Family Photos | Rosa + Mark

As a San Diego family portrait photographer, I get to visit some beautiful places in San Diego! When photographing families with young children, I like to suggest locations that have many diverse backdrops and entertainment for the kids. The best family photos are the candid ones. If you have a location filled with nature and beautiful things to look at, you will capture the attention of the young ones! In these San Diego Balboa Park Family Photos | Rosa + Mark explored that greenery with their son and grandmother!

When scheduling your family portrait session, think about the sleeping schedules of your littles ones. Are they happier in the morning or at sunset? You want to make sure they are rested from their nap and have the energy to participate in the session. Brining their favorite toys works for bribery. I would stay away from treats as this can have them spike in a sugar high! Plus, some treats are colored and will stain their mouths!

Deciding on what to wear for your family portrait session or your own portrait session can seem daunting. Use your resources, ask your photographer for feedback. You can put together looks, lay them out and then send photos to your photographer. They can help guide you on what they think will look best with the backdrops and what flows together amongst you all.

If snacks are what you need for bribing, then I would suggest brining wipes. You definitely don’t want crumbs around their mouths. Plus if the kids play around, it’s nice to have to wipe their hands down. You don’t want to risk getting the outfits dirty. While on that topic, do not dress your kids in the photo outfits on the ride over. I would suggest waiting till you get to the shoot location. Plan to arrive early, so you have enough time to change them and touch up their hair. You don’t want to feel rushed and start the session stressed!



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