Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Sonia

July 12, 2018

Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Sonia

Ever wondered if you wanted to have your maternity photos taken? Wondered so long that you procrastinated up until 2 weeks of your due date and thought Oh well, I guess it’s too late? WRONG! This maternity photo shoot at Scripps Beach in La Jolla, California is proof that you can be a procrastinator and still come out winning! I shot this 2 weeks prior to her due date and she was a trooper! The photos speak for themselves, she is showing major preggo power in her fashion, I mean maternity, photo shoot!

It was overcast that day, as is typical near the beach area in San Diego, but this gave way to a beautiful, moody and editorial vibe feel. At Scripps Beach there are many different areas that have different backdrops. I like to utilize different textures to give variety to your photos. Of course these were short distance walks, I want to make sure you are comfortable taking photos during your pregnancy!

Even though she was almost full term, she had the energy and stamina to walk up onto the rock platform and do her thing! There was some natural wind action which made the dress come alive! What to wear for a maternity shoot you may wonder? I always love long flowy dresses! Those that have openings in the front are nice too so you can see the cute belly! I do suggest solid colors rather than prints and patterns as I want to keep the focus on you and your baby bump. White is always a great go to color as everyone looks great in white; and black as well. If you have a particular color you love though, then go for it, whatever makes you feel like you is very important! 🙂 Many of my clients find their maternity fashion on AMAZON. No need to spend so much 😉

MATERNITY: Scripps Beach, La Jolla, CaliforniaMATERNITY: Scripps Beach, La Jolla, CaliforniaMATERNITY: Scripps Beach, La Jolla, California


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