Cuvier Park Maternity Photos | Virginia + Jimmy

August 27, 2018

Cuvier Park  Maternity Photos | Virginia + Jimmy

Safety is always important when shooting maternity photos! I had a brave mom to be who went down a small hill to get to the rocks at the Cove. It was worth the risk for these maternity photos: Cuiver Park, La Jolla. I am just going to go ahead and provide the money shot first!

MATERNITY photos: Cuvier Park, La Jolla

Sometimes when you least expect it, THE MOMENT happens!! This is one of my favorite photos of all time! It’s delicate yet strong at the same time. The colors were just right! I love when moms to be get so excited for their maternity shoots! Sometimes women don’t feel comfortable doing a maternity shoot, and that is totally ok, I would never force someone to do it, but I think sometimes we let ourselves get the best of us. This is one of the proudest moments a woman can have! You are creating a human inside you! Her hubby is definitely one proud papa and husband, he would just look at her in awe 🙂

Another thing I love, which I have mentioned before is when husbands join their pregnant partners in the pregnancy shoot. Love getting to see the interaction and care they have for them. He held on to her tight, as I did, when we talked her down the hill.

Wondering about her outfit? Of course, it’s amazing!! 😉 The secret in this one is that its’ actually two pieces of garments! She bought a tube top lace dress and cut the front part to expose the baby bump and then bought a a couple yards of sheer white fabric and wrapped herself in it to add the special flow effect. Very DIY and very innovative 😉

One thing I would also like to point out is that the color pink is a very nice color on men. And it photographs very well! So if you are every bored of basic white, blue or black shirts for men, give pink a try 😉

MATERNITY photos: Cuvier Park, La Jolla



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