Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Kids Portraits | VND

December 27, 2022

Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Kids Portraits | VND

As a San Diego family photographer, the fall season can get very busy with family portrait sessions. It’s a great way to memorialize the year and have content for your holiday card. Life can get hectic and busy, especially when you have kids. So if the thought of having your family portraits taken during this time seems overwhelming, or you can’t quite find the time, there is still a solution. You can have your kids get their portraits taken. They are the ones quickly growing and you will want to capture where they are at this point in time. You can schedule a full family one for the following year but feel assured you have the kids taken care of. In these Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Kids Portraits | VND were camera ready at one of my favorite locations.

This is a great opportunity, if there is an outfit that was gifted to you from a family member, to have them showcase it! So in these kind of sessions, you can allocate a designated amount of time per child and outfits per child. Then while one is getting changed, the other can be photographed. Of course leaving time for overlap to get the group shots.

I find it’s a great idea to knock out the poses first. This is usually when you have the kids attention the most. Once kids get a little restless, I let them run around (calmly) and then take that opportunity to capture the candids. If you let kids be kids, they will give you some amazing and genuine photos! Nothing forced looks good or translates well in the photos. Kids are curious and will want to explore these new surroundings. Create that space and capture that story!


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