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August 18, 2020

As a San Diego Lifestyle Photographer, I love going to some of the same locations and seeing how my subject/client interprets the space! The San Diego neighborhood of Little Italy is very popular, for many things, but what I love the most about it is its walls and urban feel. This men’s lifestyle fashion shoot features JP Cervantes, a San Diego musician and creative. We walked the streets and visited some of my favorite walls and made sure that it flowed with his outfits.

We shot this in the evening during magic hour. I started with the location with the highest buildings as I knew we would loose the light there faster. I chose to shoot during the week to avoid the crowds as Little Italy gets pretty busy. I also do a lot of morning shoots in Little Italy and it’s less crowded.

I like to bring out all the different sides of you during your portrait shoot, and in this case personal branding photoshoot, physically and personality wise. Some of that can be facilitated through the outfits you choose. I am always open and happy to give feedback on outfits you have in mind to use. Especially when we have a location in mind as it helps to make sure if it’s a right fit.

Once outfits and locations are confirmed then I decide the order I want the shoot to go in. Now this can always change and as a photographer you have to learn to be flexible and quick to adapt to change. You never know when a location you have in mind might be blocked off, or the weather suddenly changes, etc. It’s great to have a plan, it’s even better to be quick on your feet.

The purpose of this San Diego men’s lifestyle shoot was to create content for JP’s social media. As an artist he like to share content with his fans, diverse content. He did this by creating completely different fashion looks. He definitely channeled the artist/model in himself and provided me with so many different looks and expressions.



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