LIFESTYLE photos: Valley of Fire, Vegas

November 30, 2018

LIFESTYLE photos: Valley of Fire, Vegas

Back in late summer my friend and I did a road trip to Las Vegas. Valley of Fire had been on my road trip bucket list, so it was great to check it off! It was very hot during these LIFESTYLE photos: Valley of Fire, Vegas. When you go, do take plenty of water, but we still had fun!

The best times to shoot was in the early morning and of course the magic hour late afternoon. There are many spots to turn out at. We tried to find places with less or zero people. The color of the rocks was bright orange and made you feel like you were on another planet!

Verina had brought her earrings from Tarin Sirena and so we decided to showcase them for this shoot. Her earrings went well with the background of rocks as they are reiki infused handcrafted jewelry. You can see the shoot I did for her Fall/ Winter collection here.

Verina’s maxi dress was from H+M. Loved the neutral green color. I think it went well with the red/orange terrain. That’s the great thing about these earrings, you can dress them up or you can even wear them out in the hot desert.

Yes, we added a faux fur coat to the wardrobe in the unbearable heat. But we made it work. It was still shaded where we were shooting so it was tolerable. We like to mix up the styling. Play with hats or without. Always making sure we are showcasing what we want in the photos.

I always enjoy black and white photos. I also enjoy adding light leaks to black and white photography. I always feel black and white photography adds more emotion to the subject. I highly recommend visiting Valley of Fire, a great location for a fashion lifestyle shoot!



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