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January 16, 2020

LatinX Lifestyle Branding Photos: CANELA Media

Lifestyle photoshoots are necessary to accurately communicate your brand. You want to visually show people what you are about or what you can do. In this LatinX lifestyle branding photoshoot with Canela Media, it was the latter. I was approached by Canela Media to do a lifestyle shoot directed at the Latin American market for their internal marketing use. I was involved in the creative, casting, production, shooting and editing! It was a lot of work but a lot of fun to do!! If you are needing creative content for your brand or marketing company let’s brainstorm ideas!

I shot this lifestyle shoot in San Diego as it was easier to go to as many locations as we did in one shoot day! We had a group of 6 latinos to be our talent. I came up with different ideas of things they can do that seemed like everyday life but that touched upon two things. One that it made send for the to use their digital technology as CANELA Media is a Latin American digital marketing agency and also activities that related to the type of clients that CANELA Media wants to have: beverage, sports, politics, etc.

It was a full day of shooting and the talent was great. Everyone was being a good sport to get the best photos done! I assisted them in choosing their outfits. We started with sporty look too also because it was on the beach and didn’t want to worry about the day getting brighter. I did a combination of solo shots, group shots and full group shots. The main theme is to incorporate digital technology, ie, cell phones into the photos and into the talent’s life. My client, is using these images for marketing to their clients about what their agency is capable of.

They also wanted me to include their CANELA Media T-Shirt into some of the shots. Single or in group. I definitely want to do more lifestyle shoots for marketing companies needing to create content and also for when they book their clients and want to do commercial lifestyle shoots!



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