La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Kailee + Dylan

June 20, 2022

La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Kailee + Dylan

As a San Diego maternity photographer, it’s exciting to feel the joy parents, and parents to be, have with their expecting child! They are nervous, but super proud to bring their child into this world! A maternity session helps capture those feelings and moment! In this La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Kailee + Dylan wanted a beach session at the beautiful Scripps Beach. I always try to match sessions at the beach up with sunset at low tide. Or as close to it as possible!

The weather was a little overcast, more so hazy. I don’t mind the haze. It works as a natural light diffuser. That is a good thing as it creates even light on your subjects. Towards the end we got a quick burst of sunshine! Whenever this happens, you must quickly change what you are doing and take advantage of the sunshine! You never know how long it will last!

When shooting in water, it’s always a good idea to have the person wearing pants, to wear a dark shade. If your clients are cool, (see what I did there), with getting their feet wet, then they might have water splash on the pants. The darker the shade the easier the wet portion will blend in. For example, it’s more obvious to notice wet khaki pants vs dark blue jean pants. This will help you a lot in editing!

The same applies to the one wearing a long maxi dress. So just some tips to keep in mind and to communicate with your clients. They might not care, but it’s good to have them be aware. At the beach, I always like to suggest blues, reds and whites for outfits. It can very well be shades of it too. It’s always a good idea to have your clients send you their outfit ideas so you can offer feedback!



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