La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | N + H

January 2, 2023

La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | N + H

As a La Jolla family photographer, one of the photo locations I get requested the most is Scripps Beach. Located in La Jolla, it is one of the prettiest beaches that offers the most diverse backdrops! Especially at low tide! Whenever I am requested to shoot at the beach, I try to suggest dates where the tide is at its lowest or near low tide. This helps get the most backdrops exposed to us which is super beneficial for your clients photos! The more diverse, the more variety you can offer your clients. At Scripps Beach there is some walking so I always buffer that into the session. In these La Jolla Scripps Beach Family Photos | N + H brought their two adult kids along. They hadn’t done family portraits in over 10 years!

Outfits can still be lightly coordinated. As per usual, I always suggest to choose 3 colors and to dress in different shades of them. One person can be in prints for every 3 people in a group. If there are too many prints involved then it can get “busy”. Colors can be determined with which best colors suit your client and wha kind of backdrop they are being photographed at. You don’t want them blending in to the background.

When shooting adult kids, it’s a good time to get their portraits taken. Some may have not done it since they are in school. The parents will appreciate this and so will the kids! Help them with some posing tips, but keep the candidness. Make sure to build a rapport with them so they feel comfortable with you. You don’t want to seem like a robot, so humanize yourself. Crack some jokes. Anyway to make them laugh will always help get you those smiling candid shots!



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