La Jolla Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | Cassie + Brock

October 28, 2022

La Jolla Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | Cassie + Brock

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I love getting couples comfortable in front of the camera! Most often, this is the first time a couple has had a professional photo shoot together! It is a great time to practice before the wedding day! It definitely helps ease the nerves before the big day! It also helps couples take a look at what angles they like and poses they like too. That way on the wedding day, they feel more confident. In these La Jolla Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | Cassie + Brock enjoyed a beautiful and sunny day! We were able to take advantage of the low tide too!

When you get an inquiry for a beach engagement shoot, ask the couple if they have a particular beach in mind. If they do, and it’s a beach that has reefs or cliffs, I would then suggest dates that have low tide occurring at sunset. This will give you and your clients ample area to photograph in. Your clients will benefit from all the underwater beauty! Plus it gives you more backdrop options. Clients love to be able to have options to choose from, so make sure you can provide that.

Wet feet comes with the territory of getting photographed on the beach. Make sure your clients are ok with that or if they want to stick to the sand. Also let them know, that the majority of the photos will be on the sand, so they may not need to bring fancy shoes. Now that doesn’t mean they can’t have their nice shoes. You can find some spots, where it’s safe of course, for them to sport their outfits from head to toe! There is no harm in asking and making sure they get what they envision and more!



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