La Jolla Cove Maternity Photos | Katelynn + Trey

July 18, 2022

La Jolla Cove Maternity Photos | Katelynn + Trey

As a La Jolla maternity photographer, there are so many beautiful picturesque beaches along the coastline. When photographing maternity shoots though, you need to determine which is the safest route for your client. A lot of the beaches have cliffs and tricky walk ways down, so always alert your client to see what their comfort level is. In these La Jolla Cove Maternity Photos | Katelynn + Trey were fairly new to the area but knew they wanted their photos in La Jolla. I suggested La Jolla Cove, because it’s the quintessential view of La Jolla and had a great mix of trees, La Valencia and the ocean with cliffs.

The very first tip I offered, was to wear comfy shoes for the park part. Once we headed down towards the cliffs, I suggested they remove their sandals. I feel like you get a better grip of the rocks when you re barefoot versus with sandals on. Always, help the pregnant client walk down. Together with her partner, you can safely mobilize them wherever they need to go. Always check first if they feel comfortable with the spot you have in mind. Always walk slowly and take your time. I always buffer 10 extra minutes to the start time to accommodate for slower pace.

Remember to capture both the couple together and the mom to be on her own. Not all poses need to be with the hands on the baby bump either. Mix it up a bit. You can use some of the guided poses you use during couple shoots too. Just remember the comfort level of the pregnant one. Running out of the ocean may not be an option, but walking together out of the ocean together may be better fitting.



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