ENGAGEMENT photos: Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

September 4, 2018

ENGAGEMENT photos: Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

A scouting trip to my best friends bachelorette house that we rented in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico turned into a spontaneous engagement photo session. Nothing better than engagement photos: Valle de Guadalupe. If you live in San Diego, it’s no secret that this hour and a 1/2 (or less) get away is a weekend or even a day trip must!! The wineries down there are beautiful!! The food is beyond tasty! It literally is a quick get away. If you have SENTRI pass, forget it, it’s a breeze!! I highly suggest you get the SENTRI pass.

ENGAGEMENT photos: Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

After scouting the house we rented, called Finca La Divina, we decided to have lunch at El Cielo winery. They have a great wine tasting offering where you pair the wines with chocolate! My fave! We had a delicious lunch and as we were walking out of the restaurant, I noticed the white wall and told my bestie and her fiancee to quickly stand in front of it, for what I like to call, a spontaneous engagement shoot. Fiancee was a good sport, but would have preferred to have worn a different shirt. It’s ok though, we will do a formal one later on.

Aren’t they just the cutest?! I couldn’t help but take a few shots, after all, my bestie had just had her hair trial done for her wedding, so what better time to shoot photos than when you get your hair did right?! I think this is the hair style she is officially going with at her wedding. Isn’t the stone wall just perfect!! I love it! Such a blank canvas to work with! Although I feel more inclined to do black and white photos when this kind of wall.

Then we decided to cruise around to a couple other wineries to scout for our wine tasting day during her bachelorette. As I have been down to Valle a few times, I was the driver. I also shot a wedding in Valle de Guadalupe at Cuatro Cuatros. Click here to view wedding photos. We came upon this winery that for the life of me I can’t remember the name, but somehow can figure out how to drive there. Unfortunately the tasting hour was closed, but their walls were wide open! I stopped them again and said, spontaneous engagement shoot part 2! The color of the wall was such a rich burgundy I couldn’t ignore it!

They were even willing to get down on the dusty ground for some of the photos 🙂 They were so cute and the wine from before hand did give them the giggles, but hey I love giggles and it makes for cute and candid photos!




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