Kids Fashion Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa | Spring 2022

October 2, 2022

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I always have a blast photographing the children’s fashion line called Wild Wawa. If you are looking for one of a kind, quality pieces, look no further! I am their main San Diego children’s fashion photographer, so I always get first look on their new collections! Every time I see it, I am amazed! Whenever my clients ask me for suggestions on what to wear for San Diego fall family portraits, I don’t hesitate in recommending Wild Wawa. Same goes for Spring! In these Kids Fashion Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa | Spring 2022, we headed to Solana Beach to photograph their last drop of summer 2022!

When shooting a children’s lifestyle shoot, timing is very important. You want to make sure the kids have had their naps and have been fed. Always be ready with treats though! One key thing to remember, it to always have wipes handy! You want to make sure your little models have their faces cleaned off before heading in front of the camera. Try to avoid snacks that drip or color stain.

Preparation is extremely important for a smooth lifestyle photoshoot! Make sure you have all the outfits are bagged with their necessary accessories. Having a photo of what the outfit should look like will help avoid any confusion if you have helpers on set. Once each outfit is packed, assign each outfit to each model. If one model has more than one outfit, then bag all of those together. Put a label with the models name and number of looks outside the bag. This way when the model arrives, you can hand their parent the pack.

In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed with so many kid models around, make sure you stagger their call time! A call time is the time you want said person to arrive on set. I would advise having 2 to max of 3 models at a time. Calculate how many outfits per model and allot for buffer time. You don’t want to have kids and their parents waiting around. So staggering makes sure the day of shooting is continuous without any bottlenecks.



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