Mission Beach Family Photos | Smith

September 6, 2019

Mission Beach Family Photos | Smith

Summertime brings friends and family together having fun under the sun! In these family photos: toddler cousins, Mission Beach, I had a past client surprise her parents with a shoot with all the grandkids! The shoot was full of energy!

It was 5 female cousins and one boy cousin He of course was the oldest and did a great job organizing the group along with the eldest girl cousin. The girls had the cutest matching dresses and bows!! All I could think about is how in 20 years they will all do a #throwbackthursday post and use these photos and hopefully recreate the pose!

With the kids schedules of naps, it was best to shoot in the morning. I suggested as early as they could get everyone organized to make sure it wasn’t too bright to shoot. Fortunately, I found a shaded place by the lifeguard tower at the south end of Mission Beach, San Diego. I did a couple at first in front of the palm trees to add a variety of backdrops.

I made sure to take the “formal” portraits first because I knew once we let the kids run free sand and water will be everywhere! Sure enough as soon as we “released” them in to the ocean, they jumped right in to the water! It was so fun to watch them play and that’s when I got all the fun candid shots of kids being kids 🙂

I am excited to shoot their fall family photos! I am always open to suggestions on forest locations or any nature filled locations around Southern California. Now that I moved to Los Angeles I can explore areas in Topanga, and Malibu Canyon. Also in OC I heard there is a 13 mile trail which I am sure is a great place for family photos!



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