Downtown LA Farmhouse Bohemian Studio Family Photos | A + J

January 17, 2022

Downtown LA Farmhouse Bohemian Studio Family Photos | A + J

As a San Diego family photographer, I am used to shooting outdoors with natural sunlight. I am always open to a new challenge and shooting environment. It can be a bit intimidating at times, to photograph outside your comfort zone, but that’s what makes you a better photographer. You have to keep pushing and trying new things to continue to progress in your craft. So when I was asked to do this Downtown LA Farmhouse Bohemian Studio Family Photos | A + J, I was worried about not having enough natural light at this Peerspace location.

I am not a fan of flash. In fact, I have trust issues with it. Lol. The reason is that it doesn’t always fire off when I want it to. I don’t like that uncertainty, that feeling of not being in control with my gear. This has pushed me to be really good at using natural light. With my trusty CANON prime lenses, I can push my low light photo sessions to its max! There are obviously times, when I do need light assistance. I have come to love my LED lights. I place them on stands and they stay on continuously. This way I don’t have to worry about them firing off or not.

Alexix had such a beautiful vision for her shoot. I was very excited to work with her and her stunning family! We were confined to one small room, but we came up with a bunch of ideas and angles to work with. There is only one wall with natural light. When this happens, I suggest you focus your subjects attention towards the light. Then you can begin to put your full trust in your prime lens and shoot wide. That is photo talk for shooting with a low aperture. This allows for whatever available light to really come through. However know where to place your subjects so they are all in focus (if you want them to be).



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