Balboa Park Couple Photos | Nadia + Kevin

January 11, 2023

Balboa Park Couple Photos | Nadia + Kevin

As a portrait photographer, I get to capture family milestones, including maternity, graduations, individual portraits and also couples! I love couple shoots because I don’t want couples to think that they only time they can have their photo professionally taken is by getting engaged, having a wedding or having a family. Your relationship deserves some epic photos of the two of you too! In these Balboa Park Couple Photos | Nadia + Kevin had their first professional photoshoot together. They are big fans of nature, specifically the large tree over by the Organ Pavilion. There was a lot of ground to cover, but we got the main spots we had picked out ahead of time. Of course we pit stopped in a couple places along the way too.

We started at the desert garden because I knew that is where we were going to loose the light there first. Plus the light diffuses beautifully through the cacti! The clouds did start to come over, but we were able to get a little bit of sunshine. The area itself is lovely, with such beautiful green backdrops. Be careful of the thorns of course! I tend to avoid this area with young kids, but if the parents say they are well behaved then I do family shoots here. You always want to be careful, you wouldn’t want them to get pricked.

Balboa Park is HUGE! So plan your shoes accordingly. If you do wear heels, it might be a good idea to bring a spare of sandals in a tote bag. You wouldn’t want your feet to hurt because it will show in your face if you are in pain. If you are wearing new shoes, please break them in! You don’t want to risk getting blisters!


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