Adamson House Malibu Family Photos | Anoud + Abdulelah

August 29, 2019

Adamson House Malibu Family Photos | Anoud + Abdulelah

I am officially a Los Angeles photographer. I moved up here last month. I did my first LA family photoshoot since moving up here earlier in the month with a family who I had done there maternity photos at Topanga Beach. Now that the baby was 3, it was time for their family photos: Adamson House in Malibu. I wanted to change the backdrop just a little bit. It is a beautiful venue, and a popular LA beach wedding venue too!

I forgot you could still get marine layer in the evening, even in August! It was sunny all day and then right before the shoot, the clouds rolled in. We still were able to get some beautiful shots regardless. The Adamson House provides such diverse options for backdrops that you forget what the weather is like.

We were super lucky that there weren’t that many people on site. We could explore all the areas. There was so much greenery and trees! You wouldn’t have guessed that the beach was right in front of us!

Your kids will definitely be entertained at this Los Angeles outdoor family shoot location! A plus is that there is a GROM ice cream Gelateria up the street, so now you know how we got him to smile. A reward for good behavior. 🙂

The entrance has this beautiful Spanish rustic looking door. Next to distressed brick? Is that a term? Haven’t been watching fixer upper lately. Anyway, the door provided a good backdrop!

There was this beautiful huge tree that made such a statement and impact. I later realized that is where they do the wedding ceremonies. We shot it from the other direction. But if you take a walk down there you will see what a beautiful place to get married at it is.



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