ENGAGEMENT photos: Mission San Diego de Alcalá

August 21, 2018

ENGAGEMENT photos: Mission San Diego de Alcalá

This San Diego engagement photoshoot brought me back in time! What better place to have engagement photos: Mission San Diego de Alcalá ! The rustic feel of the venue transports you to another century, 18th century to be exact, as it was founded in 1769! It was the first of the 21 California Missions.

There were a few options around the property to shoot the engagement photos. We started with the outdoor hallway first, the arches reminding you of the Spanish history. Then behind the building were brick stairs that led to a bell tower. Unfortunately we could not access the bell tower, sad :/

We didn’t let that get us down though! We still got some great shots! They were such a fun couple to shoot! There was so much love, passion and excitement! They were both totally open, and not shy at all in front of the camera! It was a great experience!

I would come a bit earlier than you would expect here as the sun does hide behind the tall walls where the bell tower is. So take that into consideration when checking the sunset time.

These two are just so cute an full of energy! They didn’t even break a sweat during this shoot! After we finished the engagement photos at San Diego Mission de Alcalá we drove to another location! It was a race against magic hour light! Can you guess it?

Yup, that’s right! Scripps Beach! They suggested it, I promise! Since they both grew up in San Diego by the beach they felt it was necessary they have some photos taken at the beach. Love that they were open to getting their feet wet!  A great sunset ending to a fun engagement photo session! These two lovebirds show us all how it’s done!

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