Encinitas Landscape Photos | Soil + Sea | Rios

April 25, 2023

Encinitas Landscape Photos | Soil + Sea | Rios

As a San Diego photographer, I am used to photographing people’s portraits and important life events! A new client of mine, Soil + Sea, has me exploring greens and landscape design! I am having so much fun viewing plants and trees from all different angles and viewpoints! Soil and Sea does amazing work in the Encinitas and San Diego area! A complete transformation to your home! You won’t want to leave it! As a landscape photographer, it is my job to make sure I showcase their work for them to attract future clients. In these Encinitas Landscape Photos | Soil + Sea | Rios, I covered the front yard, side yard and back yard. There were many different areas that needed their special moment captured!

As you can see from the photos, the day was overcast. May gray came early! I still started the shoot before sunset because we wanted to it to get a little dark to capture the lighting system they installed. It’s always important to ask ahead the work they want you to cover. That way you can make sure you are going to the location with the right lighting. If they are not going to be on site with you, make sure they make you a list of the work they did. You want to make sure you capture everything they offer to their clients. If they are going to show you the property, I would still advise you ask ahead the types of things they want photographed. You don’t want to risk going at the wrong time of the day.

Give yourself ample time BEFORE the session start time to walk around the property. If there are things laying around that need to get picked up or organized, you don’t want that to cut into your shoot time. It’s always a good idea to scout before you shoot. Especially at a new location. If your landscape client is there with you, you can ask to have some of the plants trimmed or freshened up. You want to make sure everything is looking its best before you start. If you are photographing a San Diego outdoor shower, you want to make sure there aren’t swim trunks hanging on the handles or shampoo.


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