Encinitas Landscape Photos | Soil + Sea | La Veta

January 5, 2023

Encinitas Landscape Photos | Soil + Sea | La Veta

As a San Diego courthouse wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer, I am open to new types of photo sessions. I think it’s a great way to challenge your photography skills. Each genre of photography has its own set of angles and feels. I was asked by Soil + Sea Landscape Design to photograph one of their Encinitas home landscape project. This opportunity was very exciting, because I am a fan of home remodel and landscape design. Who doesn’t love to go down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and see all the ideas out there! So I happily accepted and was excited to channel architectural coffee table book vibes! In these Encinitas Landscape Photos | Soil + Sea | La Veta, I made sure to ask all my questions before the session to understand the creative direction they wanted for this session.

I was familiar with the home, so I had an idea of what tools I needed as far as lens go. Had I not been to the home before, I definitely would have gone beforehand, if possible, to scout. Whenever possible, I like to know what I am working with. This helps me decide which lens I will need. For landscape/interior, you definitely need a 16-35mm lens. This allows more width into the frame. Another must have is a tripod! I had already invested in a Manfrotto tripod a couple years ago, so I was in good shape.

This landscape session was so much fun!! I made sure to ask what parts of the landscape and outside home was part of their project. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any part of their project not being photographed. So I had a mental checklist of what needed to be photographed, plants included! I made sure to give each plant and nook its photo opportunity. I wanted every piece to look like art. Varying my angle, I could vary the way you see the photo. So I made sure to give each part its time and attention. I really looked through the lens and would move around to see how differently it would be seen.


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