Encinitas Family Photos | V + C

December 26, 2022

Encinitas Family Photos | V + C

As an Encinitas family photographer, there are so many outdoor beautiful places to have your family portraits taken. Whether it’s at the beach or the park, you can have as diverse backdrops as you wish. The fall hits San Diego later than the rest of the country, so even if you book your family portraits in early December, you can still catch some fall foliage. You can so somewhere like Old Poway Park, but sometimes you can even find that fall foliage right outside your very home. In these Encinitas Family Photos | V + C invited me back to their home for another year of family portraits.

What I love most about being a San Diego family photographer, is getting to see my clients grow over the years, especially their kids! More so their love of getting their photo taken! I have had client’s children hate getting their photo taken when they were younger and have come into their own and feel comfortable in front of the camera now. I love when they get excited for their sessions!

When it comes to choosing outfits for your little ones, make sure they try them on. If the clothes are itchy or doesn’t fit right they will not be happy about it and it will show. Same goes for the adults! Many take this opportunity to get themself a new outfit for the session. What better excuse. However, they don’t try it on till right before the session and you can run the risk of the fit not being right. Something might be too big and you might need to get it taken in. Always try to try on your outfit at least 2 weeks before your session. That way if any alternations need to be made you have enough time.

This does not apply to maternity shoots. I would try it on a few days before and have a backup outfit in a bigger or smaller size. You grow so fast when you are pregnant, especially towards the end of your term. Something that fit a week or two before might not longer work anymore. Better to take precautionary steps to avoid stress.


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