Encinitas Children’s Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa S23D2

April 12, 2023

Encinitas Children’s Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa S23D2

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love capturing the essence of a brand’s identity. Lifestyle photography helps bring a brand to life! For a San Diego kids fashion brand like Wild Wawa, they relay on fashion cookbooks to market their collections. In these Encinitas Children’s Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa S23D2, Wild Wawa had a vision for a tutu tea party! I love the creativity that goes into a lifestyle shoot. Each session is different and has it’s own theme. Having all the kids at the same time was challenging, but the end product of the photos made it worth it!

Seeing a plane product shot against a white shadow box is a completely different viewing experience for your client compared to a lifestyle shot. In a lifestyle shot, they can picture themselves in the situation. In this case, they are smelling the sweet cake, playing with balloons and have a ball with their fellow tea drinkers! The tutu’s really shine in these series! It was a bright and sunny day! With the help of a scrim, also known as a reflector, we were able to keep the direct light off of these cuties!

Props were extremely important in this session! There was a balloon arch set up that took our breath away! In addition, there were Wild Wawa wooden stands that we used to hang some of the clothing on. We took this opportunity to do product shots of the clothing with all this color and textures behind as a backdrop. We realized that moving forward, we will allocate some time to just product shots of the session. This is something I recommend many brands to do. You have the set styled already, might as well maximize it!


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