Coronado Beach Family Photos | Dani + Andy

November 8, 2022

Coronado Beach Family Photos | Dani + Andy

As a Coronado family photographer, the go to spot for most clients are the sand dunes at Coronado Beach. These are located right at the border of the boardwalk where the Hotel Del is. My favorite thing about shooting there is, I never have to worry about the high tide. There is so much sand, that there is always sand no matter how high the tide is. There are many other beaches where the tide can influence whether you have enough space to shoot your clients or not. I would always make sure beforehand. In these Coronado Beach Family Photos | Dani + Andy bought their adorable 3 kids with them! Dani would summer here when she was younger so she loved the idea of sharing it with her kids!

When shooting family photos, I always like to start with the group photo first. This might be the only time where you really have the young kids attention. Work it to your advantage! As the session continues, you might loose some attention spans. Stay strong and positive. Sometimes you just need to let the kids run around a bit and then you will get their attention again.

When shooting at Coronado beach, I like to start on the sidewalk first. There are lovely rocks with with wheat looking plants. Gives an east coast vibe. Then I take the family down the stairs and shoot within the dunes. It’s an easy place for the kids to run around too and get their energies out. Here is where you can get great backdrop shots of the Hotel Del. Especially when you go to the top of the mound.

Most important thing to remember during a family shoot is to have fun! Kids want to have fun and they will get you the photos you need if you let them be kids! If they get squirmy, let them run. If they get bored, have them play with their parents. That’s when the magic happens and you get those epic candid shots!



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