Lifestyle Branding Campaign | SLIMPEN

March 15, 2020

Lifestyle Branding Campaign | SLIMPEN

I was approached by SLIMPEN to do a lifestyle shoot for their Valentines’ marketing push. If you are not familiar with SLIMPEN, they are a women focused cannabis vape company. Their packaging speaks for itself, it’s perfect! As stated on their homepage: SLIMPEN was created to empower the modern woman and create a lush experience with Glamour, Independence, & Style. We had influencer Jennifer Reyes model for the shoot. JB was the creative director.

Jennifer was just adorable and we definitely wanted a soft pink vibe mixed with some old skool Hollywood vintage vibes. As it was for Valentine’s social media content push, roses were obviously incorporated. The idea was that the woman didn’t need anyone but herself on Valentine’s Day. She was content with herself.

The muted backdrop colors went perfectly with the editing vibe that I wanted. Very 70s, warm faded look. We kept the outfits very simple so that the vape pen wouldn’t get lost in the photo. We wanted Jennifer to act natural as “she starts her day” and naturally uses the vape pen.

I forgot ask Jennifer where her hoop earrings are, but I just love them and it’s making me want to start wearing hoops! Anyways, if you are new to the cannabis world, you should definitely check out SLIMPEN and see if it’s something that is right for you. They have a variety of offerings and packaging. Three to be exact and you can ready about it on their website. It tells you how they each work.

Totally channeling American Beauty and I love it!! Jennifer slayed this shoot! She took great direction from Jessa and I. She had great energy and was super nice to work with. Once we stepped outside, we totally executed on the Hollywood vibe we were aiming for! FYI- Jennifer’s sunglasses are from CRAP. An LA based eyewear company.



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