Lifestyle Photos | California Super Bloom

March 16, 2019

Lifestyle Photos | California Super Bloom

After seeing a ton of California’s super bloom 2019 photos on people’s instagram, I had to see it for myself. I asked my muse, Verina, if she was interested in going and she was in! We left the next morning, early, and drove up to Lake Elsinore to take some lifestyle photos: California Super Bloom.

I mean it was like a Hitchcock film about Poppies! They were everywhere!! Bright orange covered the hills! The exact location was Walker Canyon, right off the interstate 15. I highly suggest to get there early, because there are crowds!! Even during the week!!

Before I continue on, I must say: PLEASE DO NOT STEP ON THE POPPIES!! All of the shots I took we made sure that Verina was not stepping on the Poppies. Only the dirt path. Please be respectful. 🙂 Thank you!

It was a little crips when we first started walking up, which was around 8:45am. Luckily we had stopped before hand for some chai lattes/ coffee and DONUTS! But I would definitely wear a warm jacket and comfy shoes to walk in. Take the model shoes in a backpack 🙂

We got our shots in pretty quick. It was a little crowded, so there were moments where we had to wait for spectators to walk by, but we were done by 10:30AM. I of course was on a natural high and wanted to keep shooting! This place is just so beautiful!

Once it hit 11am, we had to turn back because the sun was getting too harsh. We are definitely wanting to come back next week again!! We ran into a friend on the way up and she let us know that the Poppies open and close throughout the day! She said around 9-11 they are in full open bloom. You learn something new everyday!

For fashion outfits to wear during this epic super bloom. I suggest white or light blue denim! Anything I feel like it would compete with it. Hats and sunglasses are great accessories!

Anyone have any super bloom locations they could recommend in other parts of California?



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