Balboa Park Engagement Photos | Megha + Bhargav

August 30, 2022

Balboa Park Engagement Photos | Megha + Bhargav

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I am so lucky to have so many places to photograph engagements! Couples can choose from the beaches, parks, city, etc! When picking your engagement session, think of locations that resonate with you as a couple. If there are various places, you might want to consider having multiple locations! In this Balboa Park Engagement Photos | Megha + Bhargav chose two locations: Balboa Park + Sunset Cliffs. They decided to split the session into two days so they wouldn’t feel rushed going from one location to the next.

Balboa Park has so many beautiful locations to choose from. You can’t cover them all in one session or even one day!! So if you are a regular at Balboa Park and have particular locations you want covered, I would highly recommend letting your photographer know. If not, let your photographer take you on a fun photo tour! Maybe even head there with your partner or alone sometime before in case you come across something that sparks your interest!

As a San Diego couples photographer or when shooting engagement sessions, I like to start the session with some poses to warm up the couples. Unless they are models, they aren’t always used to being in front of a camera. So I always suggest doing some warm up poses to get them in the groove. There will be a moment when they relax and that’s when you can get all the candids out of them! Feel free to make them laugh, chat with them, build the rapport with them.

Another helpful tip, is to offer tips to your clients. Let them know how to position their bodies, their heads, their hands! This helps them a lot! The more guidance you give them the more comfortable they will feel. The more comfortable they will feel the more confident they will be and it will radiate in the photos!



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