WEDDING photos: Coronado Beach, California

July 19, 2019

WEDDING photos: Coronado Beach, California

Sunny days in San Diego during June gloom can be counted on your hand! So I was very excited when I shot this San Diego destination wedding as I could finally play a little bit with the light! These wedding photos: Coronado Beach, California were shot right next to the Hotel Del. These two lovebirds were from the east coast. I was so happy they got to enjoy sunny San Diego!

The light just flocked the bride. True story though, we used a window as a reflector. There was a huge building behind me and since it was mid afternoon, the sunlight was shining on it, so we used it to our advantage! Super handy when you are shooting on your own 😉

Coronado Beach is a great San Diego Wedding beach venue. You have beautiful palm trees, white sandy beaches, Hotel Del as the backdrop and beautiful rocks. And it’s all in close proximity to one another. I love being a San Diego wedding photographer. Most weddings I get to spend it on a beach! However, do remember to wear sunscreen!! I have been getting sunburned lately :/

These tall palm trees are on another level!! They are amazing!!! I can spend hours shooting here! The Hotel Del is always a great backdrop. With the blue skies the Hotel Del really stood out!

Love me some black and white wedding photography! I have been using a lot of light leaks lately. I love the mood it gives! Anyone else in to light leaks?

These huge rock boulders are sooo fun to shoot! If I had more time with them I would have had them walk to the top of them and make a very impactful photo that way. A fashion lifestyle photoshoot would be great at this location too!


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