TRAVEL photos: Paris 2019

April 15, 2019

TRAVEL photos: Paris 2019

I can’t believe I am writing about my trip to Paris as I am watching the news about Notre-Dame being on fire! It is so sad! Notre- Dame is always a must see landmark that all visitors go to pay their respects. It survived 8 centuries, and to see it just burn is very sad. In these TRAVEL photos: Paris 2019, I will show you a quick tour of the city.

One of my favorite parks in Paris is the Jardin de Luxembourg. It’s huge and beautiful! Filled with flowers and trees, you forget that you are in a city. Very much the same feeling as being in Central Park, but a la French. What makes it my favorites, is that there is always a photo exhibit showcased along the gate of the park. One of my life goals is to have one of my photos hung in one of their exhibits.

This was a mother daughter trip. Last mother/daughter trip we took was Paris too, back in 2017. My mom lovessss PARIS, I think she might have been Parisian in another life. It really is a beautiful city. The weather was a bit crisp, but tolerable when dressed properly. My mom was my muse while on the trip but also artistically inspiring. We were walking by a group of empty chairs and she mentioned how she always liked to photograph empty chairs, it was like they were having a dialogue. So of course, I am now getting obsessed with photographing chairs. Like mother, like daughter.

Another subject or theme I was focused on during the trip was architecture and the color of walls or doors. I love the contrast of bright colors with muted colors. A lot of the time it was gray and gloomy, so I liked finding brightness in the darkness.

Spring was in full bloom and there were little flower gardens you could find while walking the Parisian streets. I usually don’t take many photos of flowers and leaves, except for in the fall. I must admit they were beautiful to photograph!

But I do agree with my mom, Paris is a beautiful city. And as I continue to see Notre-Dame in flames on the news, I cannot stress enough how important it is to travel and learn about history all over the world. You never know when they will vanish.


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