Chilcanos + Huacachina | Ica, Peru Travel Photos

March 21, 2020

Chilcanos + Huacachina | Ica, Peru Travel Photos

Usually when I travel to Peru I do a few trips nationally as well so I can catch up on my travel photography. As a travel photographer, Peru has so much to offer! On this recent trip, at the end of 2019, I stayed at my dad’s new home that he built on a winery/ orchard. So I was very zen and very into nature as you will see in these Peru travel photos.

I have always thought how fun it would be to live off your land, and wake up and pick your breakfast. Well I certainly got a taste of that, literally! My dad would wake me up with the sun and have me plant a tree or irrigate the grapes. With the jet lag, this was not a fun way to wake up. I did have 3 dogs to play with and they would jump on me as soon as I went outside, so that did make it worth it! Puppy dream!

I learned so much about agriculture and agriculture in Peru! Ica is known for desert terrain, so I was shocked to see mango trees growing everywhere in my dad’s orchard and I never knew that avocado trees were so BIG!! I mean enormous!!! And the avocado itself was bigger than the size of my hand!! As I mentioned before, my dad had me plant a fruit tree, which I wanted to be lime but he already had that so I planted a peach tree, at the crack of dawn!

My dad planted these grapes to harvest and distill to make Peruvian Pisco!! It is Peru’s national liquor! My dad taught me how to mix one of the drinks you use Pisco for which is called CHILCANO. It is delicious!! All you need is a lime (some use a quarter or 1/2 , I like to use a whole one as it cuts the taste of the Pisco), ginger ale, a shot of Pisco, bitter to top it off and that’s it! So easy and so delicious, especially for summertime!

Here is my dad’s adorable dog named THOR. I absolutely fell in love with him and wanted to bring him back home with me, but obviously he is living the good life here and keeps my dad loves him too! We would go to to the local market to buy fruit and it was crazy how low the prices were compared to the prices in the US. For the price of what you pay for a pack of strawberries you can get like 2 bags full of fruit.

As usual, Peru offers beautiful sunsets, especially when watching from the top of the dunes at Huacachina, Peru’s oasis! We also did a Pisco tour at Tacama!


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