The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park Wedding | Brittney + Gabriel

May 3, 2021

The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park Wedding | Brittney + Gabriel

As a San Diego wedding photographer and San Diego elopement photographer, I get asked to shoot San Diego beach weddings. The wedding bowl at La Jolla Cove is what you imagine when you say you want a beach wedding! It’s the perfect mixture of cliffs, grass, trees and of course, the sandy beach! It is a very popular wedding venue and you can see why! I was very excited to shoot the wedding bowl, Cuvier Park Wedding | Brittney + Gabriel! They had a mixture of weather that afternoon with some light sprinkles and then sunshine! Always fun for us photographers to deal with such fickle weather. As a tip, you always want to be checking your camera settings to make sure you are properly exposing your photo.

Clear skies are great, but I don’t mind when there are some clouds. It adds texture to the day. As you can see on the wide shots of them walking along the cliffs, I like how there are clouds behind them. What I don’t like is when it’s completely overcast. When I have a shoot on an overcast day, I always ask the client if we can push the shoot up in time (unless they want to change dates). It’s better to shoot late afternoon as opposed to before sunset on a cloudy day.

The best is when it’s the blue hour and you have clouds in the sky! They light up like candy!! Nothing prettier and more romantic than that blue/purple sky and those light, pastel colored clouds. Soooo dreamy! I am getting more and more inspired during blue hour. If you have the right gear you can definitely experiment too! I use my CANON 35 mm prime lens, f/1.4 and 85 prime lens. You should definitely get used to your gear and to the level of trust that you know what you can push it to do.

There is always concern that there will be a lot of people when shooting at the La Jolla Wedding Bowl. The loophole is to have your wedding on weekday. There were definitely less people and since the day started out rainy, even less! You can always photoshop people out of the background, but it’s so nice when you don’t have to do the extra work! But you can’t blame them, who doesn’t love to watch the love! 🙂



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