San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Steph + Caleb

February 25, 2023

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Steph + Caleb

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, it never seizes to amaze me how many different backdrops you can get at the San Diego County Administrator Building and adjacent Waterfront Park! They are referred to as courthouse weddings, but your San Diego civil wedding and marriage license is issued to you at the county admin building. There are different locations in the county: San Diego, San Marcos, Santee and Chula Vista. Each one has it’s own charm! In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Steph + Caleb braved the high winds to get these beautiful and romantic wedding couple portraits!

We were very lucky with low crowds. Thursday and Fridays are more popular days for scheduling your courthouse wedding. If you are open to it, I would suggest earlier in the week. The chance of rain was possible, but luckily the weather changed and we had some sunshine, but very high winds! When dealing with sessions with high winds, have lots of patience and take a few extra snaps of the same poses to catch one with the hair more calm. You can always fix it in photoshop, but those extra snaps can save you lots of time editing!

There is a lot of walking around Waterfront Park, so I would definitely suggest comfy shoes. Or a change of shoes in case your feet start to hurt. Other tips for your courthouse wedding day include: water, a lint roller (although your photographer will most likely have one), any lipstick you are wearing so you can reapply; and of course make sure both of you have your nails moisturized and well kept. You want to be prepared for those close up shots of your nails. Bouquets are always a nice accessory! As you can see in these photos though, not necessary to get great photos!



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