San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | R + K

March 24, 2023

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | R + K

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love seeing how happy the ease of a San Diego civil wedding brings them. There is no need to bounce around from one activity to the next, as you might at a traditional wedding. Couples can focus on themselves and not on their guests and making sure everyone is having a great time. That is not to say that a traditional wedding is the wrong way, it certainly is not. But couples are now realizing that they can choose their own method of getting married. That method, might be more low key. All the feels are definitely still there during a civil ceremony, but the stress is certainly decreased! In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | R + K celebrated with their close family.

It is rare the weather can get in the way in San Diego, but on this day it did. Not worry though, the San Diego county administrator office is always very accommodating and will move your ceremony indoors if need be. If you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, rest assured. The outdoor ceremony area is always accessible as it is located outdoors at Waterfront Park. So even if you don’t necessarily need to go inside, but have to, know that you can always go outside afterwards. As long as there isn’t another ceremony going on, you can take photos there.

If there are any traditional customs you would like to have at your San Diego civil wedding, make sure to voice them to your photographer. Some can include having a first look! You can certainly arrive before your ceremony appointment time and enjoy that special moment with your partner. You can do it privately or with your friends and family watching. The choice is yours! You can also have a parent walk you down the “aisle” if you wish.



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