Orange County Family + Friends Reunion Photos

October 15, 2020

Orange County Family + Friends Reunion Photos

This Orange County family + friends reunion photos session was incredibly fun!!!! The backstory is amazing! These three best friends hadn’t seen each other in two years! They are friends since middle school or high school and they were doing a reunion out in Orange County. One came from the east coast and the other from Pacific North West and one lives in Orange County.

I was so excited to meet these ladies and their families! They have such a great energy and I felt like I was in the movie Now and Then! They were so much fun to be around and their energy was contagious! It was so touching to be able to capture these special moments! They were meeting their besties kids for the first time on this trip! That is so cool!!

I am loving champagne sprays lately and what better time to do one than at this friends reunion!!!! The girls executed beyond my expectations!!! I had one of them shake it for like a minute and then made sure to let her know to put her finger on the bottle and then WHOSHHHH spray everywhere!! They said the heat made it spray all over! The girls certainly had a great time!!

I think it’s so precious to have such great childhood friends that continue to be in your adult life! There is so much nostalgia and something super special to have! I too have my childhood friends that are still in my life now and I think this is a great idea to capture and keep as memories!

I hope these girls have a reunion every year! I told them I would travel wherever they decide to have it! I know wherever they go and whenever they go it will be a great time!



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