LIFESTYLE photos: Varley Yoga + Revolve + Katie Elliott

August 19, 2018

LIFESTYLE photos: Varley Yoga + Revolve + Katie Elliott

Lifestyle photoshoots are always fun! Especially when they are the beach, which is definitely my lifestyle 😉 I had the pleasure of shooting Katie Elliott from Sun Moon Love wearing VARLEY for REVOLVE. Love the color of her yoga outfit! I want to go get one! We shot at one of my regular spots, Scripps Beach, but I mean c’mon it’s such a great place! 😉 The light was just right!! I love this place!

As you can tell right away, Katie is VERY talented!! I definitely cannot do those yoga poses! Full disclosure, no one was hurt during this shoot 😉 She just kept busting out all these moves, I was in shock! She makes it look so easy! The light was definitely feeling her, it was like the sun was radiating from her!! Definitely follow her for yoga poses and yoga tips!!

As you know by now, I love having different background during my photo session! I love diversity! So we moved over to this rock platform. I asked Katie if she had a mat to do her Yoga poses on and she casually said, no, I just do them. I was like thank goodness you have beautiful thick hair to serve as a cushion! WHAT A CHAMP! DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN without proper supervision or unless you are a yogi yoga pro! 😉

Katie rarely comes down to San Diego so she was super excited about coming to Scripps Beach! I told her I shoot here maybe a little too much, but that I can’t help it because it lends itself to so many backgrounds that you feel like you have been all over the place!

She very well utilized her surroundings! We tried to look for a rock in the water that was flat enough for her to pose on but there weren’t any. We thought maybe next time she can bring a yoga mat and we can cover the sharper rocks with it and then shoot out in the water!! Mermaid yoga yogi!

Sidenote- I am getting a little obsessed with light leaks!! What do you guys think about it? I guess proceed with caution?! We finished the shoot at the famous Scripps Pier! Because, duh!


Yoga Ambassador: Katie Elliott
Yoga Outfit: Varley for REVOLVE
Location: Scripps Beach

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