Lifestyle Photos | Hannah Marie, Anacapa Island

September 14, 2019

Lifestyle Photos | Hannah Marie, Anacapa Island

I finally got to check Channel Islands off my travel bucket list!! Anacapa Island to be exact. I have recently moved to Los Angeles and decided it was time to check off day trips of my list, especially with Labor Day happening. I needed a quick getaway! I was joined by two friends and we decided to scout the area and try to get a few fashion shots while we did. We got way more than a few! I am sooo happy to share these lifestyle photos: Hannah Marie, Anacapa Island.

This was the first look to our shoots. We kept it simple and stayed with neutral colors and added a pop of yellow to contrast with the bright blue sky. Plus since it was so bright as it was almost noon, I thought we could play with the shadows and use it to our advantage.

We did a day trip, since we were just scouting, but we do plan on coming back in the future to camp! I want to come back in February / March to see it all green. Granted since this is summertime it’s a bit brown but the blues in the water still make it look beautiful. Every time I had googled this place I would always see the island super spring green, so I definitely want to see it like that.

I highly recommend visiting. Especially if you live in Los Angeles! It took us an hour to drive up to Oxnard and then the ferry ride is around another hour and then you are there. You are back on mainland by 5pm. So it’s totally easy as a day trip. Just remember to pack enough food and water, but not too much that it’s too heavy to carry.


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