LIFESTYLE photos: Daniel Mansson

September 7, 2019

LIFESTYLE photos: Daniel Mansson

I was so excited when my cousin’s husband, a fellow photographer, asked me to take his lifestyle shots for his website for a new business venture he is doing. Daniel Mansson is a very talented photographer and all around creative. We shot his lifestyle photos: Daniel Mansson along the La Jolla coastline. We wanted to shoot Daniel doing everyday “lifestyle” things. Skateboarding, check; dawn patrol, check; and more!

I loved the color schemes. The red hat, from Lefty’s Barbershop, really pops! Lefty’s is a local San Diego barbershop! We found this blue gray wall right behind his house and we started there. I love finding fun walls to shoot against!

Then we decided to take his new car for a spin! It’s a Volkswagen van, super olds kool and fun to take road trips on. So we loaded his surfboard onto the car and headed for Windansea. I shot the process as it is something you would see in a day in the life of Daniel Mansson. Off we were for dawn patrol!

Even though it was early, we started shooting at 7am, there will still plenty of people on walks and checking out the surf too. So we basically continued on the shoot as if it were a normal day for Daniel. A couple changes in sweaters and jackets, but other than that we kept the same outfit. It’s always great to have props during shoots, so we had his coffee mug, a skateboard, the surfboard and blanket.

I am pretty sure this is the first time I shoot skating “in action”. Definitely took a few tries on my end, but then I got the hang of it. I definitely want to practice more, it certainly is an art form. Super fun to capture Daniel is his natural element! I wish him all the best in his new creative endeavor.



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