LIFESTYLE Photos: Belmont Park, Mission Beach, San Diego, California

July 23, 2018

Lifestyle Photos: Belmont Park, Mission Beach, San Diego, California

It all started with a friendly photo contest from San Diego Photos to motivate me to head on over to Belmont Park located in Mission Beach, a beach town in San Diego, California. I asked my friend Coree Jo, owner of The Juiciest Fruit to be my lifestyle muse. We hopped on bikes and off we went! First stop at the park, COTTON CANDY!

You all should check out Coree Jo’s website, she has amazing, enlightening and an overall abundance of information about aligning yourself! Don’t worry, she is here to help you, not be strict with you. I mean c’mon, the woman is licking cotton candy off her fingers! She knows how to have a balance lifestyle 😉 But honestly, she is an amazing human who will make you laugh and let you know that life will be always work itself out. If you have any health concerns feel free to contact her and she will offer you a free consultation. Or even just say hi, she is super friendly!


So it had been awhile since going to Belmont Park. We had fun though! Lots of different foods to try, I had a churro! There were games to play and the roller coaster!! And who can forget ZOLTAR from the movie BIG?!?!

We were there as long as it took Coree – Jo to eat her cotton candy cause you know, safety first, both hands on the handle bars! So we were there awhile cause that was a big bag!

Alas though, it was time to leave and we said goodbye to the roller coaster and off we went! In case you were wondering, no, I did NOT win the contest. It’s cool though, I was happy to take some lifestyle photos of my friend who just radiates life! Go on and check out Belmont Park for yourself though, have a churro for me 🙂



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