Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Nicole Alex

January 26, 2020

Lifestyle Fashion Photos | Nicole Alex

Luxe basics is how Nicole Alex describes its brand. Their big differentiator is the built in shelf bra. It was exciting to see the 2020 samples pieces come out on model Jess Adams as I was shooting the line. Nicole did a great job styling the clothes on her. There were definitely some pieces I wanted to put on right away! Take a look at the current 2019 line of Nicole Alex.

As you will realize, we used 2 solid colored walls as our backdrops. One pink and one bold blue. This is for her FALL 2020 line, so we wanted to make sure the aesthetics matched somewhat. We shot early in the morning because I wanted to utilize as much natural light as possible. Fortunately, the way the walls are positioned, I was able to shoot the entire fashion photo session with natural light!!

I was originally a huge fan of the bold blue wall and Nicole of the pink wall. During the shoot I became a huge fan of the pink wall and Nicole of the blue wall. In the end of course we loved how both walls went with the outfits. They definitely popped out!

Jess was great at modeling the clothes. She has so many looks it was fun to shoot her. The three of us worked efficiently to get all 10 looks shot within our 2 hour window. We definitely had to watch the lighting in front of the pink wall as it would change with the sun moving. We had building in front of us reflecting the light. The blue wall was next to a window, so it was pretty consistent throughout the day. I just had to tuck in to the side wall to make sure I got Jess at an even angle with the light coming through so there wouldn’t be any side shadow on her face.



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