La Jolla Scripps Pier Maternity Photos | Simone + Theo

September 17, 2022

La Jolla Scripps Pier Maternity Photos | Simone + Theo

As a La Jolla maternity photographer, I get many requests for a maternity beach session. The coastline has many beaches, but I always opt for those that are more maternity friendly. As a San Diego maternity photographer, you want to make sure you always put safety first. That can mean easy beach access, not that much walking, walkable areas vs cliffs, etc. Always check with your clients as to their comfort level at this stage in their pregnancy. In these La Jolla Scripps Pier Maternity Photos | Simone + Theo were very excited to shoot all over Scripps Beach.

I was blown away by Simone’s ensemble, from head to toe! The hair decorative piece matches the belt which accessorized perfectly with her dress! We did discuss colors and dresses beforehand. Theo sent me photos of ideas they had. I helped suggest on the color and which options would go together with which colors. This is something that definitely enhances a session. When there is cohesiveness in the outfits it flows well with the backdrops.

When possible, I always like to book beach sessions when sunset happens during low tide. For beaches that have tide pools, cliffs, rocks, low tide gives the opportunity to showcase all of the underwater world! You will notice that winter low tides are more severe than summer low tides. Nonetheless, you will still get great exposure during low tide in summer. Always check the tide calendar when booking to ensure the best session!

Scripps pier is definitely one of the most diverse beaches. I would also recommend La Jolla Cove. They both have great mixtures of sandy beaches, greenery, cliffs, etc. Have some fun with it! Definitely scout around if you have not photographed there before. I would suggest going at the time you will be having the session. This way you can see how the light will be during when you are with your clients.



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