Encinitas Kids Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa Summer 23

July 7, 2023

Encinitas Kids Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa Summer 23

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love photographing fashion brands! Understanding the brand’s identity is important. You want to work with the creative director to know how they want the photos to feel. What the mood of the shoot is. The brand identity is the same, but each collection can have a slight interpretation depending on the season and what the inspiration for the collection is. So you can have variation there but keeping within the brand’s range. In these Encinitas Kids Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa Summer 23 their theme for this collection was fruit! The colors were a little more vibrant than their usual neutrals, but I still tried to edit it softly to keep with their brand.

With Wild Wawa we photograph the collections pretty close to their release date. Like probably 2 months before. So usually the weather is in line with the season we are capturing. This spring though, the May gray and June gloom were lingering! We managed to get pockets of sunlight throughout the shoot. The majority it was overcast. Considering we shot late morning, it wasn’t a bad thing. I like to photograph early morning or late afternoon, but sometimes you have to photograph at other times of the day. Especially when working with kids.

There are tools you can use to help you diffuse the sunlight if it’s too bright out. A scrim. It’s like a reflector, but it’s the white screen. This helps “shade” your subject. It is tough to use right in the middle of the day, when it’s super bright, as it’s right on top. You would have to have a scrim that can go high up, high enough so you can’t see it when covering your subject. I got a scrim off Amazon. If you have a scrim on wheels, you can maybe do it on your own, but having an assistant helps a lot!


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