Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | Wild Wawa Fall Winter 2019

August 22, 2019

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | Wild Wawa Fall Winter 2019

I have been waiting months to finally be able to post these commercial photos: Wild Wawa Fall Winter 2019 collection! Some of the cutest outfits on the cutest models, all made with gentle fabrics for your little loved ones! If you haven’t checked out Wild Wawa, this is a must! Here is the Spring Summer 2019 shoot I did and Fall Winter 2018.

What was special about this San Diego commercial fashion photoshoot is that Wild Wawa introduced boys toddler clothing! Now that the owner had her little boy, she knew it was time to expand her toddler and baby clothing line!

The fall earth tone neutral colors are just so rich and creamy! The whole collection can be mixed and matched which I bet is well appreciated by parents! Children’s fashion shouldn’t be comprised because of their constant playing around and getting their clothes dirty!

Some of the cutest pieces are the shoes and accessories. The beanies, bows and bonnets are adorable and remind me of the days when we would get dressed up as kids.

All the kiddos loved their outfits and there were pieces for any occasion! Whether you need a holiday outfit, fun pjs, or casual wear, Wild Wawa has got you covered! Did I mention we had a little tea party!?!?! Just about the cutest tea party I have ever attended!

I mean, I just can’t! They were adorable! I can’t wait for them to see this photo when they are older! Don’t worry we didn’t let them eat all that cake! It’s a lot when shooting babies and toddlers. You definitely have your work cut out for you. You have to be totally patient as your little models get in and out of the mood. It’s definitely more candid shots and you just have to be ready to quickly get the shot!

When shooting babies or children, I would definitely recommend shooting in the morning and being mindful of their sleeping schedules. Try staggering the models so you can take turns as they nap. I would layout all the outfits and label them per model and have them grouped out based on the outfits. Trust me, the more efficient the prep, the more creative the shoot!


Wild Wawa Spring Summer 2019
Wild Wawa Fall Winter 2018


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