Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Plaid

March 13, 2019

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Plaid

As I am about to start writing this photography post on commercial photos: PinkBlush Plaid, I realize I AM wearing plaid right now too! A quick wikipedia search and the word plaid originated from Scotland! It was Gaelic for blanket. Today, plaid is everywhere! Literally can be found head to toe; from beanies to shoes! PinkBlush shows us how to wear plaid in dresses and tops!

What’s funny is that this color plaid combination reminds me of my school uniform back in the day. This dress, with the ruffle detail, was definitely cuter! Paired with a denim jacket and cute peep to heels, makes it look effortlessly put together.

Of course a touch of accessories doesn’t hurt either. Here it is paired with black fringe dangling earrings. Adds some flair to the outfit. I have started to wear more dangling earrings. I was always scared it would get caught in my hair, but hey, beauty hurts right? Just kidding, but I have found dangling earrings that don’t get caught. You just have to find the right pair.

For an even more casual look, there is always the plaid knee length sweater wrap. These have a nice leather patch detail on the elbow. Makes it look more dressed up. I like the color combination of white, navy and gray! The shoes are just to die for. Such easy slip ons and they look super nice. For the outfit on the go, this is definitely it!

The jeans are great too! I am short, so I love this current trend of cropped jeans, because they look normal on me and thus save me a visit to the tailor. So long live this trend please! A cute silver hanging necklace was accessoried with this outfit. It adds a touch of fashion to the outfit.


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