TRAVEL photos: Anacapa Island, Channel Islands

September 12, 2019

TRAVEL photos: Anacapa Island, Channel Islands

So excited to have crossed Channel Islands off my travel list!! I had been wanting to go there ever since I heard about it a few years ago from a friend visiting from Peru. I thought it was ludicrous that she had gone and she lives in another continent and I hadn’t gone yet! It seems like it’s complicated to get there, but NOT AT ALL. Allow me to share with you my travel photos: Anacapa Island, Channel Islands.

Where do I even begin!?! So everytime I would google “Channel Islands” I would see these photos of an island with a lighthouse. I researched some more and discovered it was Anacapa Island. Now, it’s very simple to get there. Usually you leave out of Ventura on a ferry boat to the islands, but for Anacapa Island you leave out of Oxnard. You buy your ferry ticket from Island Packers. Please check schedules as it’s I think one round trip a day.

No, this is not a clip from a Hitchcock movie, but it very well could be. Every 30 min or so, the birds would just flock above the island. We were told not to call them seagulls because they spend the majority of the time they are on land. I forgot the correct name because we did not participate in the walking tour, but FYI you can opt in the walking tour when you land on the island. We were told it’s around one hour long.

Just wanted to add a little drama to the bird flocking. Something to take note about the island, there are no cars, no restaurants, nothing. Everything is to be visited on foot while on land or by private boat or kayak by water. You take around 150 to get up on the island from the water. There are two bathroom facilities and a campground. So when you go, make sure to pack food and water. But don’t overload yourself where it’s too heavy to carry. đŸ˜‰


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