EVENT photos: Compass One Year Anniversary

March 4, 2019

EVENT photos: Compass One Year Anniversary

Beginning of the year, lots to celebrate. Compass Real Estate company celebrated its San Diego office one year anniversary at Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla. A great venue to host your San Diego event as the ocean view will leave you speechless! Many use this San Diego venue for weddings too! It was a perfect sunny day in February and the sky was clear, clear for landing! EVENT photos: Compass One Year Anniversary

Wondering what that yellow looking pouch is? Well, that’s Josh Higgins’ parachute! He is one of Compass’ Real Estate agents. He sure made quite the entrance, from the sky! Him and a few others made the great jump from San Diego’s Torrey Pines Glider Port. Please note that this jump was accompanies by navy seals and all safety precautions were taken. Please do not try this on your own.

Everyone was in shock and cell phones were getting aimed at the sky as everyone recorded the amazing start to Compass’ One Year anniversary! Compass is a real estate company that started in NYC and is quickly expanding! Robert Reffkin is the CEO of Compass.

The real estate agents at Compass are super friendly and social! Everyone was having a great time! There were snacks and drinks to be eaten and drank. Smiles seen everywhere! A great day to celebrate this San Diego real estate office!

San Diego is a great city to be a real estate agent in. The great weather, the ocean, city views, great restaurants and nightlife, superb schools! San Diego is definitely an easy sale 😉 There is definitely some interesting archietecutre in San Diego. You can, if not almost, find all different types of homes here. You definitely have the beach vibe, city lights, and country feel all in one beautiful San Diego County.


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