Aliza M.

“Melissa was an amazing photographer! Her service was fantastic throughout the entire process, even when I was just first asking questions. Her response time was quick, I had first emailed her after hours 2-3 weeks out from the ceremony, and had gotten a response 3 hours later that night. Melissa eased the stress and worries about what we had to do on our ceremony day; she gave us a walkthrough inside the San Diego administration building on what to expect the day before, and showed us where our shots would be taken around the building. The day of the ceremony, she took pictures at every possible moment and guided us on how to pose. She queued our families when it was their turn to take group photos and took lots of photos of us with them within the 30 minutes before our portrait shots. When it came to our shots together, it was honestly a fun time and Melissa made the time go by an instant. My husband and I made a request when we had first emailed to get shots taken at the Midway statue, and with the last 15-20 minutes with her, she drove us down to the Midway and took amazing shots of us. We loved the service we got from Melissa and we definitely loved all the photos that she took of us. I would 100% recommend Melissa to photograph your special day!”

-Aliza M.