Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding Photos | Iliana + Trent

November 3, 2022

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding Photos | Iliana + Trent

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I love San Diego wedding venues that mix nature with water. Bali Hai and Tom Ham’s are great examples of tropical vibes with cityscape water views! The way the sunset light hits the buildings in downtown San Diego is breathtaking! If you are a boat fan, you will enjoy the boats that sails through. In these Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding Photos | Iliana + Trent were finally able to celebrate with their friends and family! Covid affected their big, traditional, wedding plans. They ended up going the courthouse route for their ceremony. Then patiently waited till it was safer, to invite friends and family to celebrate their wedding reception.

I had been to Tom Ham’s before to dine at the restaurant, but this was my first time photographing a wedding there. I went to scout the venue and also did a walk through with the bride. As I have mentioned before, it is always a great idea to do a walk through with your client. Even if it’s just one of them. They can always relay any pertinent information to them. This helps both parties. You get to see the venue, scout portrait locations and understand the flow of the day. Your clients can voice their opinion about portrait locations and make sure timeline is correct.

They lit up the dance floor with beats by DJ John from The Wedding Collective. He always knows how to start the party. Reading the room, he knows what tunes will make people move! The food was delicious and served outside so people could enjoy the view! Cocktail hour is almost always done outside, so rest assured your guests will have a great experience! They turn on the market lights if it starts to get dark. It really is a great wedding venue!



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